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It took a little, but Kimberly got her stuff together. She had everything she needed to go on. Rhory hadn't stabbed her in the back while she was packing. She hadn't been expecting the other girl to. The last thing Kimberly had left to grab was her slightly crumpled package of cigarettes. She'd stuffed the few leftovers from her first pack into her second at some point, so it was bulging slightly. She looked at them. Fuck, she really wanted a smoke right now.

She picked up the pack and looked it over.

Fuck cravings.

She was about to haul back and pitch the cigarettes as far away as she could, when she paused for a second and glanced back at Rhory. The girl was on her side. From the way her chest was rising and falling, Kimberly was pretty sure she was crying. She frowned for a second. Apparently, being dead wasn't really Rhory's top priority after all. This was pretty much not a surprise in the slightest. It felt a bit awkward to watch her just lying there and crying, though. It was almost like a new person was there.

Kimberly rubbed her throat, still holding the pack of cigarettes. The place where Rhory had jabbed her still hurt like fuck. She glanced at the gun on the ground, and felt absolutely no inclination to pick it up. She wasn't even sure if she was going to retrieve the knife from Rhory.

She found herself walking over to the girl, though, found herself kneeling, pack in her hand, a single cigarette halfway out of it, between her thumb and index finger, extended towards Rhory.

Memories of the parking lot behind Bayview. Better days.

"You still smoke?"
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North