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((Skipping Clu in order to get Roland back in the game.))

Roland's eyes darted between Bounce and Allen, Andrea and Alice. They all denied having thrown the rock, and most of them suggested that the rock came in a different direction altogether. He turned around and looked, not seeing anyone, but there was a lot of brush a saboteur could hide behind, and now that they mentioned it, Roland was sure that he was in the way for both of the groups that he could see. If they they threw a rock at Dutchy, he would have seen them do it, or so he told himself.

"Alright, sorry," he said. His body relaxed a bit. "It's just... this fucking game and..." He felt more tears coming on, and stopped to hold them back. "I can't... can't even say her name."

"Bounce, you listening? Have you seen Sarah Xu and Bridget Connolly anywhere? We were together and we got separated. Just... I don't..." It was no use. All Roland could think about was her smiling, happy face. What did that fucker do to it?

Not half the things Roland would do in return, if he ever ran into him.

"We could use some more help," he continued. "We've got a plan. It's... Sarah can explain it better than I can." He couldn't even remember the plan. What a great contribution to the team he turned out to be.

"If you're... Dutchy?" Roland looked behind him. No Dutchy. Where the fuck did he think he was going? Please God, don't let him try and kill himself again.

He looked up and saw a flash of movement, saw Dutchy's shoes vanishing into the forest. Without taking even one look back at the allies he'd failed to gain, Roland grabbed his discarded harpoon and took off after him.

((Roland Hayes continued in Bitti Rüya))
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