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Mike didn't even notice the guy coming towards him until he was right there. He was too busy worrying. Maxwell had to be up the mountain still. That was sure. That, or he had lost the trail somewhere. The people in the distance, though, were a bigger worry. He'd finally been able to identify one of them, the guy who was leaving. It was that guy who had killed Max Neill. Luckily, he was gone in a second. Mike stood very still, though, keeping quiet, waiting until he was sure, positively sure, the guy was out of sight and not coming back or looping around for an ambush.

But now, there was this other guy right here, asking Mike to kill him. He blinked. Looked the guy over. He didn't really have a clue who he was dealing with. He was out of breath and in a fairly foul mood and did not need to be dealing with more crazy people right now. He panted for a second, then said, "Why would I kill you? And who are you, anyways?"

The last thing he needed right now was some crazy suicidal person trying to get his help offing themselves.
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