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The other girl backed away slowly until she turned in towards the forest and walked off. That was just fine with Autumn. Being alone was the safest way to be. Your chances of dying went down dramatically if there was no one around to kill you.

She turned back and dragged the part of a door just to were the water licked the sand. Next, she went over to the dead girl and dragged her up to the piece of wood. She was throwing sand over the wood when someone else came up.

A cute girl, and this one also had a nice piece in hand. Autumn stood up from her work and whipped her own firearm out.

She lifted one eyebrow and admired the other girl’s gun like they’d just both pulled out rather pretty shades of lip stick. Nik’s gun was so much heavier than her old gun. It drooped slightly in her grasp, pointing downward.

“I’m making a pyre,” she replied with something of a tired sigh.
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