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How cute.
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[Yes, I suck. Sorry for the delay in getting this out. This week has been hectic.]

When had the mood of the situation changed so much? Without even realizing it, Kaitlin noticed that she was alone with Peter and alone was how she liked it. Maybe it was the boy with the gun, or panic and fear she felt when she saw him. Maybe. But whatever had caused it, the two of them were a lot closer than they had been since they got up that morning. And she liked it that way. Being next to Peter. Being close to him.

Has it really only been a week?

A week on the island with only one person she could trust, only one person she could really count on. Being protected and watched over, being taken care of. If it weren't for Peter, she would have likely died a long time ago. If it weren't for Peter, she would probably still be in those dark tunnels, alone and afraid with no one by her side. Peter saved her so many times already. So many times. He really was her savior.

Funny, she didn't remember getting this close.

Nor did she remember moving so close and...


Wow. So, this would be her first kiss then, huh? At least, the first one that seemed to really matter. It was... nice. She didn't quite know what to do afterward, and it didn't look like Peter did either, but trading smiles wouldn't do much for their situation. So, Kaitlin decided to be the one to make the next move and, after a moment, slung her arms around Peter. And she just sat there for as long as she could with her arms wrapped tight around him.

"Thank you, Peter."

She whispered to him.

"Thank you for everything. For staying with me. For protecting me. For always being there for me..."

By now, she was sure. It was more than simple caring. It was more than simply being friends. But she couldn't bring herself to admit it, to say it to him, to tell him how she felt. But that didn't stop her from trying to show it, even if she was, for the most part, simply fumbling her way through it all. Silly things from stories and TV shows, from movies and even the rare romance novel kept slipping in to her head as she tried to figure out what she was supposed to do in this situation. So many things seemed so out there or so inappropriate though that Kaitlin was left with nothing to show for her sudden silence. Even the simplest of things didn't seem like they would work, either not being enough or being too much. God, this was hard.

Why couldn't life be simple and easy?

Of course, finding a place where they could actually be alone, where they could actually feel safe, would probably make working through whatever it was she was feeling so much easier. But as long as they were out there in the wilderness, even if the wilderness had long since been clear cut, Kaitlin would always be looking over her shoulder. Or over Peter's shoulder, in this case.

"...Um, Peter?"

She eased away from him, and pointed.

"I think we have company."

Three's company...

Four is a crowd.
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