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Aaron knew they were coming, of course. He'd tracked their progress through the field of stumps and logs. It was hard to be quiet in the outdoors, and Aaron had had experience listening for people even before the abduction. He was aware of the two guys off in the distance. They didn't seem to be preparing to open fire, so they were fine. He was aware of the girl right there in the group, talking to them. It gave him a bit of a thrill when Aileen redirected the newcomer's attention. There was no longer the slightest hint of a question as to who was running the show.

At the same time, Milo seemed to be returning to some semblance of sanity. That was... mildly disconcerting. Aaron wasn't really prepared to deal with Milo being a human being, at least, not one with reasoning capacity. He'd have to revise his plans. He'd have to assume Milo had been faking thus far. Maybe he was actually planning to play, and had been prioritizing his targets. From now on, Aaron decided, he would make sure that he and Milo shared a watch. That way, he could neutralize any threat before it spiraled out of control. Milo was still arrogant. If he was dangerous, he was underestimating everyone by tipping his hand now.

Turning his attention back to the present, Aaron tried to figure out who the new girl was. Right now, though, he was pulling blanks. Frustrating.

"Yeah," he said. "We've been fairly busy. I hope you'll pardon the imposition, but I'd like you to share your name and disclose your armament. We've had some unfortunate business these past few days."

Aaron was leaning against a stump, nice and casual. His hand was resting on the butt of his pistol. He'd taken to leaving the safety off. In all likelihood, it would be more than worth the slight risk to be able to respond more quickly.
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