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((Claire Lambert continued from Doesn't Matter, I had sex))

Claire hadn't let go of her gun since leaving the gazebo. She supposed she probably would never let go of it again. Not after all that had happened. Not after the announcements had told her that Aislyn had been killed.

Aisyln. The one friend Claire had known she could trust. The one who would have been a reliable teammate, who she had been searching for her whole time here on the island. It was difficult to imagine Aislyn gone. She'd been killed by some girl Claire didn't know, Kimberly Something-complicated-sounding, and now she was gone. JJ was gone. There was no one left on this island Claire could even begin to trust with her life.

"And that's what it all comes down to, isn't it?"

Claire didn't plan to die here. Part of it was that she just didn't want to die, but another part, the bigger part, was that she didn't want to see her parents hurt again. They'd lost one child already. They didn't deserve to lose their daughter, too. They didn't need any more pain.

She'd come out here, away from the main section of the island, to recuperate and wait things out a little. Half of her class, half of her friends and fellow journalists and tennis teammates, were dead now. Maybe more, given the time since the announcement. Claire was still largely uninjured, excepting her bruises from the fight with Dan, and she was well-armed, with his gun and her own original mini magnum, now in her pocket again, just in case. She figured she could wait here for a little, maybe hunker down in the wrecked ship, and let things calm down a bit more. She wasn't feeling too confident at the moment, not with Aislyn dead. It was still so unreal.

She'd meant to thank Aislyn again for helping her out at Prom, for keeping her clear of JJ.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw another pair of girls ahead. One of them left as she watched, the other returning to... whatever it was she was doing.

Claire nearly turned around. She wasn't going to trust people or get into unnecessary altercations. This girl, however, had just parted peaceably with someone else. She was also working on something mysterious. In this sort of situation, information could be as much of a life-saver as a weapon. If there was some escape plot that could actually succeed, Claire would be in it in an instant. She doubted she would find one, but it wasn't worth dying over being too worried to check.

Claire stepped out, trying to catch the girl's eye. She kept her gun in her hand, ready to bring it up at a second's notice if she had to, but content to keep it lowered for the time being.

"Hey," she called. "What are you doing there?"
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