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Time stretched. Rhory moved. Kimberly wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. Maybe Rhory was going for another weapon, planning to force a decision. Kimberly wasn't killing her, though. That was absolutely certain.

If Rhory decided to play rough, well, Kimberly would absolutely cut all the fucking tendons in her hands to neutralize her threat potential. That seemed an acceptable compromise. She had pretty much no patience for pep talks. She'd given her little half-assed effort to make Rhory reconsider. As far as she was concerned, her role was now done.

Rhory disagreed.

She called Kimberly a name, then grabbed the knife, and Kimberly's hand with it, and brought it down to her own throat. Once more, Kimberly's reflexes served her well. She only had her good hand on the knife, but Rhory was weakened. Aside from the initial cut, the slight amount of blood once more on the knife, she wasn't making much progress towards making Kimberly kill her.

Kimberly wasn't having much luck getting the knife away from Rhory's neck, though. She let out a growl of frustration, then, in a quick movement, wrenched her hand away, opening it, leaving Rhory the choice of keeping hold of her hand or the knife.

Rhory was left with the knife, as Kimberly rolled off of her, rising and taking a couple steps back.

"You call me spineless? That's pretty funny. You wanna kill yourself, be my guest, use my knife, whatever. I don't see any fucking reason I need to be involved, though."

And with that, Kimberly turned back to her belongings, returning the grappling hook to her belt and beginning to tidy up, leaving Rhory to her own devices.
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