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((Milo Taylor continued from Could Have Been Worse))

Milo had been bored through most of the trek. Bored, dumb, and tired. So naturally, when they got to a decent stopping point, the first thing he'd done was pass out into a dreamless sleep.

When he woke up, the walking continued. Milo, his mental faculties working better than usual since he'd finally had a decent night's sleep that didn't involve punching horses, noted in the boredom that he'd gotten quite disgusting over the past few days. His nice suit was covered in mud, his sunglasses were cracked in at least one place, and he felt dried drool on his cheeks and chin.

This baffled Milo.

Eventually, they'd gotten closer to the sawmill, as Milo had overheard, and everyone had settled down. Milo had a vague recollection of the past few days, but most of it was a haze induced by sleep deprivation.

He vaguely remembered screeching that he was going to "skullfuck" a retarded girl, and then everything clicked. He grabbed his daypack and screamed into it at the top of his lungs. He took a deep breath, and then screamed into it again.

This was gonna be a long couple of days, if he even lasted that long.

He noticed a girl who seemed somewhat unkempt, albeit cute for a "low" person, sitting on a stump with her head in her hands and a hammer next to her, and decided to try and help his chances along a bit. He walked over, closer to her, although careful to maintain some sort of personal space- he had a hunch that he had not exactly endeared himself to her.

"Hey, uh... what in the hell have I been doing over the past couple of days? I haven't been acting like the lion-blooded demigod I am, have I?"
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