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Can you hear me?
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((Aileen Borden continued from Could Have Been Worse))

One word summed up how Aileen felt right now.


That announcement still rang in her head.

Rob Jenkins was still alive. And he... he murdered Lily. She didn't make it after all. And not only that... Richard Han. Toppled off a cliff.

Announcements were already painful enough for Aileen. It wasn't like she liked listening to them or something. But each time she heard that fuckheaded douchebag blather on, it was a reminder. It reminded them of how much time they had, and who they were unable to save. They were unable to save Reika, they were unable to save Trevor, they were unable to save Tom, and now they were unable to save Lily and Richard. And those were only the names Aileen recognized. They had to save as many people as possible, and there was already a sizable body count.

And now Lily and Richard were gone.

Even now, Aileen's mind was a whirlwind of emotions.

Sometimes she would feel sad. Sometimes she would feel angry. At what, though, she didn't know. Sometimes she would get angry at that fucker who had put them here in the first place, sometimes she would get angry at Rob for killing Lily, sometimes she would get angry at Jacquard for putting the group into chaos, sometimes she would get angry at Aaron for running away and leaving them behind, and sometimes she would even get angry at Richard and Lily simply for dying.

To be honest, she didn't know what exactly to feel.

Aileen didn't cry or anything. She wasn't the type to cry. But, she had been feeling a little out of it since that announcement. She was still trying to be alert, but she wasn't feeling so good.

Maybe the island was finally catching up with her.

Maybe that was it.

Home. It was where she wanted to be. She wanted to be somewhere familiar, not this shithole. It wouldn't bring anyone who died back, but it would help if one day she could make it home with as many people alive as possible. She didn't believe in this "last man standing" nonsense. She didn't buy it.

So, for the longest period of time, Aileen had been quiet, even more so than she was back at school. Right now, she had propped herself on a stump, face buried downwards in her hands.

It had seemed awfully quiet for a while. Aaron had talked to DuClare about what she knew, and neither she nor Milo knew what was up. Milo, she could get, but her? Bah.

But in any case, it had been actually been pretty quiet. Usually an entire swarm of people would come in, doing god knows what. And thank god for that. Aileen was not in the mood to deal with random groups of people jumping in and asking-

Oh hell. Speak of the devil.

She lifted her head towards this new... person. At first she thought it was a guy, but on closer inspection? It was a girl... or at least, she thought it was a girl.

And oh look. She(?) was asking if they were busy. Oh no, not at all. It wasn't like they had lost most of their group over the past few days since they got here and they were trying to escape but with no avail. Nope, they had all the time in the world to get killed by... whoever this was. Seriously, hopefully someone would recognize her or something? She looked vaguely familiar, like most of her classmates, but you know. Aileen, as we all know by now, wasn't good with names.

"Uh... kinda. You'll... you'll have to talk to Aaron..." she mumbled, rubbing her forehead. "He's kind of the man with the plan..."

She didn't even have the energy right now to yell at people as usual, or at least not as much. She just felt tired and slightly depressed, is all. Maybe if it turned out she was something like Jacquard, she would start yelling again. But, well.

But, she had to keep her guard up, as usual. She couldn't spend this entire time worrying about those who had been killed, like Reika, Trevor, Tom, Lily, Richard, and god knew who else. Her hammer was secured right next to her on the stump, so if someone tried to get them, she could fight them off. She could grab it in a heartbeat if she ever attacked the group. Anyone. That included her, Aaron, DuClare, and yes, even Mil-ron. Because you know what? No one was going to mess with the group again on her watch.

Absolutely no one.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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