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it was a graveyard smash
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((Fiona Sparki continued from Take Back The Fear))

Fiona Sparki felt hopelessly lost. She was pretty sure that everyone on this island had felt a little lost at some point or another, but she was in the deep dark depths of irredeemably lost. She was so used to being happy and cheery and easy-going, and with a traveling partner by her side, it was easy to slip into the familiar ruse of pretending that everything was cool and joking around with her companions. However, as she thought about it for a few seconds longer, she realized that her only companion had been Nik, and he was never really up for joking much. In fact, he was angry a lot of the time, mostly over Staffan's descent into darkness and... killing other students.

Fiona remembered how much she tried to convince Nik that Staffan's kills were probably pure accidental or circumstantial, but then she witnessed it for herself: Staffan really was a cold-blooded killer, deprived Nik and Evleyn of their lives. She shivered to herself, remembered how the cold blade of the axe sunk into the pit of his stomach. It was sort of like a knife tearing through butter except more bloody and with better sound effects. And she didn't feel guilty this this kill! Owen? Yeah, maybe a little. He didn't mean it, probably, he was just caught up in the moment.

Staffan? Yeah. He fucking deserved what he got. Ask and you shall receive, eh? But that just reminded her of Danya's announcements, which, thus far, she'd found very amusing. More on a superficial level, she considered them horrifying along with everyone else, but that Mr. Danya sure was an interesting fellow. Anyway, she remembered what he'd said about the axe pun, and it really tickled her funny bone. She found herself giggling as she walked, wondering how long it had been. How long had she been walking? How long has it been since she ditched Autumn? How long has it been since Nik and Evleyn died? She was plagued with different thoughts, like Should I have given them a proper.. funeral or something? I sort of just left them there. But they looked so cute holding hands! Yeah, I probably did the right thing.

Fiona began to grow tired and hungry, but that was no real surprise. She'd been tired and hungry since day one, and as much as she desperately wanted to rest, she mostly just didn't want to be alone. She wanted to find someone, anyone. Sure, she'd seen people, but she didn't know if they were friendly. Wouldn't friendly people feel more inclined to avoid her? Her name was on the announcements twice. And it wasn't like she could blend into the backdrop, her hair was like a shining disco ball in dread form. People probably knew who she was, by name, she was a cheerleader, after all. God... What would her fellow cheerleaders say now? Where were they? Were they all dead? Evelyn was.

It was juvenile to think, but Fiona was having daydreams about returning home and taking Evelyn's rank on the cheer team- wait. Yeah, Fiona was to graduate. No more cheerleading. She didn't want to do that for the rest of her life, nooo. Now was probably a good time to forget about cheerleading and how much she enjoyed it. She didn't even have the time to part from her hobby back in St. Paul. She was too busy getting ready for the damn school camping trip. Damn. Why did she even bother to go? Fiona wasn't even too sure if she enjoyed camping.

She took a deep breath and looked around, noticed the scenery as it melted into forest and rolling hills. Rolling hills became larger and steeper, and a quick consultation of her map revealed that she was heading straight into the mountains. Lovely. She couldn't climb a mountain! She mostly just wanted to find someone, maybe someone friendly who liked her, and rest. She wanted no more conflicts, no more deaths. She wanted to change out of her bloodied clothing and into something more appropriate, less threatening, but she didn't have anything. Her own personal bag was gone. She probably lost it during the ensuing action at the town center. She left a lot of her food too... She honestly just wanted to cry. Why did all this have to happen? Why did she have to lose Nik and Evelyn. Why was Staffan such a bastard?! She wouldn't allow herself to cry, but she wanted to. Oooh she wanted to.

Finally she witnessed signs of human life. She heard a male voice shout "FUCK" quite loudly, and as she got a bit nearer, she heard a voice. It seemed the same male was talking to someone else. Talking to some "Franco" and "the revolution." What was going on? Had she stepped back into time during the French revolution? Was someone having some crazy delusions? She didn't know. Wasn't sure if she wanted to find out, but she wanted some company. Fiona was a mysterious being that didn't thrive on solitude.

Whoever was talking, he sounded pretty harsh. Told his friend to get the fuck out if he couldn't keep up. Like, damn! Fiona lowered her axe and made her way through the trees and brush, drawing closer all the while. She noticed a cave off to the side, the boy in question standing there, talking to another. She wasn't sure if she wanted to walk over with an axe and bloodied clothing, she'd probably scare the absolute shit out of them. And if they had a gun, they'd most definitely shoot at her. Throw her stuff on the ground, raise her hands? If they were killers, they could shoot her! She didn't really know these boys very well. Recognized them, didn't know them. They probably rung up about 5 points on her acquaintance scale.

But Fiona was good with taking chances, so she simply strolled over and placed her axe and bag on the ground. "Helloooo there." That was all she could manage to say. "Don't, like, shoot me or anything. I swear I'm not gunna hurt ya."
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