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Best Kill, Best Kill, Best Kill. Kimberly was trying so hard to use it against her. It was working. It was the only thing that could make that little greasefire sputter. It made Rhory wish she could pull the trigger. This girl, she had no clue. She had no right. She hadn’t seen Marion’s face as the shot hit her in the chest. She hadn’t seen Logan’s eyes nearly burst into hers, wet surfaces ripping under the strain of something in there that made her feel inhuman by comparison. She hadn’t had to feel Bill’s meat split under her fingers or thick globs of his blood cough out onto her hands. She’d killed someone and didn’t have the fucking guts to say it out loud. She was a coward and she’d killed like a coward. Rhory had no doubts about that.

She drew her lips closer to the girls ear so that she could almost taste the sweat and wax. Kimmy wanted to take control. She thought she could take control from Rhory. But no. No no fuck you and no. Rhory was done with that. She was done being on the wrong end of control. She’d already had Jack and Ethan taken from her. She’d had her clean-ness taken from her. She’d had her wholeness taken from her. She’d had her hand taken from her. Her blood and her skin. She’d had her dignity taken with the running and hiding, the killing, the having to kill to survive and that award, that prize that had made her stop and scream and scream and still she’d come so close to taking it anyway. She was done with it. There was no room for that Rhory anymore, that weak little worthless cumstain who couldn’t do anything for Jack or Ethan or Logan or Marion or her own worthless self. There was only the fire-thing and it wouldn’t let her give up control. It hadn’t had its fun yet.

Fun, fun, fun. That’s what it was all about now. No more “Best Kill”. None of this Kimmy grasping weakly for her control. Because that wasn’t about to change hands. Rhory was in control.

Rhory      was      in       control.

She nearly licked the lobe of Kimberly’s ear as she spoke.

“Weren’t you paying attention?”

She fought the urge to tear it off with her teeth.

“I ripped his fucking throat out.”

She snapped her head back. She jabbed the barrel into Kimberly’s neck. Quick, hard. She dug it in.

“You didn’t answer my question yet.” Spit flew at the other girl’s face through Rhory’s tightly clenched teeth. “And call me by my name this time, Kimmy. Or I’ll get to be Best fucking Kill all over again.”
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North