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throw that pussy like i'm famous
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Rhory gave a single, breathy laugh, curling her mouth into a half-smile around the sound. “No need to be such a bitch, Kimmy. We’re just talking.”

The girl was so tense. Rhory could almost hear her heart beating from where she stood. It made the thing in Rhory’s chest roar. It all felt so good. She hadn’t felt good in a long time. There had been rushes. There had been adrenaline and panic. There had been moments where she felt alive. Fleeting, but there even in the fear and exhaustion. But none of it was pleasure. Not the running, not the shitting, not the crying. Not even flicking her clit brought any pleasure anymore. Rhory was broken. She’d known it from the first day. Something had stopped working, had cracked long ago. Jackson and Ethan had pushed what was left beyond repair. Bill left nothing but cracked gears and dust. Whatever kept her going ground and crashed and sputtered within her. Ready to fail at any moment. Already failing, maybe. But she still had a sense of pleasure after all, however broken. The fire-thing told her that. It was her turn to break something and it felt so fucking good.

She was at the girl’s left side now. The barrel was aimed at her ear. Kimmy was more than just tense. Dense, maybe. A little black hole sucking Rhory in. Everything but the pleasure and the control and the little fire-thing. She wondered if that’s how the fire-thing got in her, just got sucked up into a hole in her chest from Bill. Maybe wormed its way in as she crushed his face until she could see the bone chips flecking across the floor. She wondered what it would be like to do the same to Kimmy’s pretty little face. She wanted the idea to excite her. She wanted something to wet her as much as being on the right side of the gun did. It caught in her stomach instead. Her hands felt suddenly weak. She steeled them against the gun. She began to trail a filthy strand of Kimberly’s hair across the barrel.

A glimmer on the ground caught her eye. A hook. It looked wicked and clean. She grinned the other half of her smirk. She had her question.

“So, tell me. How’d you do the deed? Kimmy at the docks with the... the hell is that? A hook?” She’d craned her neck around towards Kimberly’s face but now drew it back, blowing the words into her ear. “That’s a funny thing to kill a girl with, yeah?”
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North