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If Sunil could read minds, he would be nodding with Garry's assessment that Dustin was a massive jerk. He'd been completely insufferable and disagreeable, had made no effort to be welcoming, helpful or comradely and had just acted rude and aggressive. Add to that he was probably staring at Rena's ass the whole time he'd been with the group, and Sunil could hardly be upset Dustin had decided to leave the group behind.

Hey, that whole staring at Rena's ass thing wouldn't exactly be out-of-character for Dustin.

Don't look at Sunil like that.

No, he wasn't doing that. Don't be silly, Sunil was pure and kind-hearted and innocent...

Okay, scratch that, but he wasn't a pervert.

She didn't have much of an ass anyway.

ANYWAY, moving on swiftly...

So, in short, his concern for Rena's unscheduled absence had been overtaken by mumbling and discontent at Dustin's general jerkiness. Sunil was fine with that. Wishing a painful and beautifully karmic death on a douche was much better than fretting about whether an ally and teammate was still alive and well. If he worried about Rena's well-being, he'd just get into a mental tangent about life and death and whether it all had a meaning and how death was inevitable and all that jazz, and quite frankly, that sorta shit was depressing.

And hey, he'd just given a pep talk to Rena on how breaking down and having a panic attack not only gave the various killers and aspiring players on the island a strong strategic weak point to target, but also involved letting Danya win. He nourished himself on the tears of the students of Bayview Secondary, after all. Lazy, uncultured terrorist scumbags like Danya did not deserve nourishment.

So, all in all, it would be kinda awkward if Rena stumbled upon Sunil bawling his eyes out like a baby just after he gave a compassionate speech to Rena on why NOT to bawl your eyes out like a baby. Sunil was many things, but he was not a hypocrite, damn it!

Also, Garry had decided to wear a rather fetching green beret. Not the sort of fashion statement he would have associated with a guy like Garry, but, hell, there was probably some sentimental reason behind it all. Sunil decided to spend the next few hours mulling over a way to ask Garry about it casually while minimalising the chance of causing any offence or hassle.

At this point, Garry spotted a bunch of people, standing there, doing some random shit. It took a few seconds for Sunil's brain to work out who the students were and assess that they PROBABLY weren't mass murderers, and after a few seconds of mentally weighing up the pros and cons (pros: less lonely, potentially useful allies or info. Cons: may get killed) he decided his response.

"Meh...your choice."

When in doubt, the non-committal answer is always the best way to go.
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