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Rachel couldn't help but be both amused and impressed by how quickly her allies adapted to her new plan. Perhaps there was some hope for them yet. The large issue, of course, was that even if they had a new method of communication that would allow them to share plans in private, they didn't have any concrete plans with which to communicate to one another. First things first, she supposed.

With the writing pad in hand, she tapped the side of her head with her pen. Robert was correct. They needed some means to get the collars off if they wanted to have a hope of escaping. Liz Polanski, she recalled, had recently had a bounty put on her, indicating that the terrorists had somehow lost the ability to dispose of her themselves. However, placing their hopes in finding Ms. Polanski would likely result in them traipsing without a clue around the island in the vain hopes that they would somehow run into her. Assuming that she hadn't already been killed by a student hoping to collect on the bounty.

Finally, Rachel shrugged and penned a lengthy note that went onto the other side of her paper, passing it over to Robert.

I fail to see the point of a running narrative as well. We should wait on removing the collars until we get more information. Our current concern should be on gathering supplies. We aren't leaving today, so we should gather water and food. Since we're right next to water right now, the first part should not be a problem.

Rachel was thinking long-term with her plans, which had the potential to be a little disastrous. Still, she wanted to be sure that the group would do this escape attempt correctly. The instant the terrorists caught wind that something was up, they would probably only get one shot at it.
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