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((Garry Villette and Sunil Savarkar continued from I'll Huff and I'll Puff))

So Dustin Royal was a massive jerk.

Garry and Sunil were worried about Rena's safety, that was why they'd gone to look for her. Dustin, judging from the fact he didn't even bother to follow the pair, didn't give a rat's ass about the girl. And Garry did not like that one bit. 'Fucking bastard, I dunno why I even bothered teaming up with him in the first place,' Garry angrily thought.

For the past twenty-four hours he and Sunil had, without Dustin's 'help', been retracing their steps back to where they'd originally met up with Rena. Away from the greens, past the point where they'd (unfortunately) met with Dustin at the mountain, and back to the northern felled forest. 'This was the area where... where Jake was killed,' Garry remembered, sighing deeply as the terrible memories rushed back to greet him.

The green beret, Cyrille's beret, was back on his head; he'd come across it in his bag during the earlier hours when looking for something to eat. It was a major shock and he felt immensely guilty for completely forgetting about it during the past few days. He'd kept the beret as a memento, a mark of respect, and what had he done with it? Just stuffed in it his bag. It was an insult to Cyrille and Violetta's memories, and Garry wouldn't stop beating himself up over it. To try and erase the guilt, he decided to wear it again, making sure that he wouldn't forget about it for a second time.

So Garry and Sunil wandered around the sea of tree stumps for a while, the larger boy keeping hold of the paintball gun as they went. And that was how they came across the group of four students. "Hm, you think they might've seen Rena around?" Garry asked Sunil, watching the small group from a relatively safe distance while a fifth student went up to talk to them. "They don't look like they're threatening anyone, so... you wanna go talk with them?"
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