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((All GMing approved by Dr. Nic.))

Suddenly, just like that, they were alone. The boy with the rifle had departed too. Peter finally allowed himself to let out that long held breath, nervousness washing quickly away from him. It almost looked as if the other boy had made a point to keep the rifle pointed low... Try to not seem threatening.

He mentally slapped himself for having been so paranoid to have automatically assumed the other a killer. These weren't prisoners or murderers. These were his classmates! The only one who had really transcended that in his mind was Maxwell. He had killed what, 11? 12? Four percent of the Bayview Secondary class of 2008. That didn't sound like all that much. But when you consider that only half of them were still around... That was still close to 10 percent of all the kills so far. There was no way he wasn't enjoying what he was doing.

Alas, as Quincy left the area, Peter almost immediately plopped down on a nearby stump and took in a deep breath, attempting to relax away the stress that had built up so rapidly. The sight of that rifle had quickly reminded him of his own mortality. Until they were no longer kept in bondage by the bastards who were ultimately responsible for all of this, they were in serious danger of dying. They had been extremely lucky to have so many days alone. And together.

Hell. Even after the collars were removed... They were still in massive danger.

He shook his head.

"I don't like this Peter... I don't like it here. Can... can we go home?"

He turned towards the voice he had come to know so well over the past week. It was really hard to believe it had only been a week. He felt like he knew her so well, better than he had ever known anyone before...

And as his gaze met hers, he realized that she was right there. Sure she had been the entire time, but it seemed to finally hit him that she was right there. Only a foot away, gazing right into his eyes. The sudden awareness caused a little bit of a blush to creep over his face.

"Y-Yeah. We'll be home soon Katlin. I promise."

She was kneeling down next to him. Her visage, closer and closer... He was nearly mesmerized, that flush on his cheeks growing a little brighter still. Any other day, back at Bayview, he would have averted his gaze and quickly shuffled away. Not worthy, he would tell himself. You're not worth her time; she's out of your league.

Especially with someone so beautiful and kind as Katlin. But... Something was different.

"I-I feel like I know you so well, even though it's only been a week..." His hand grasped hers. He felt her hand squeeze around his, a little sign of affection. He could feel his skin rubbing against hers as he pretty much shook like a leaf from embarrassment and nervousness.

Little Peter McCue. Never had a girlfriend. Picked on, teased, a year younger than he really should have been, was now looking into the eyes of the prettiest girl that would ever come from Bayview, hands down. At least in his opinion.

When did their faces get this close?

He felt a soft, slight contact on his lips. All he could see was her eyes, such a deep green. He could get lost there forever... And then realization yet again. He had just shared his first kiss on camera, with millions upon millions watching across the entire globe. He shook a little as he pulled his head back, never breaking that eye contact.

Unable to come up with any words, he just offered her a warm smile. A little awkward, but warm and inviting. And despite the chaos, destruction, and death going on around them, for just a moment the world stopped, and the poor little boy's heart fluttered.
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