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((Continues from Feral Intelligence))

It's been a while since I left that place.

RJ. I'll miss you buddy. Semper Fi, my friend.

I'm not even sure where I learnt that. It seems fitting.

Anyway, I've been alone for a while. It had to have been almost, over, 12 hours ago. I left RJ's girl, I left the Japanese thing, and I left that crazy bitch to her own devices. They can take her down, I disposed of her fucking explosive. Girl had a gun. Capable.

I tried the Sawmill. The road to it was packed, fighting. Bodies, a lot of them, really. I went around, through some of the woods. According to the map, it was THE SOUTHERN FELLED FOREST (paraphrased. I'm too tired to get out my map.) And that was okay. I finally ran into Francine for real. Unlucky bitch smelt like she belonged stacked on the shelf with the rest of the Beef Jerky. She looked like

well, it's hard to describe a dead body. Especially one who had what happened to Francine happen to her. But people were coming. I ran off.

And now, I'm here. I stopped on a stump near the body of what used to be Hermione Miller. I can see one more a little while away. Another girl. But I can also see people. A group of people.

I'm gonna check it out.


Aston twitched.

The group in her line of sight weren't the ones she was looking for. In fact, none of them even resembled the two people she was looking for in any way whatsoever. That...was irritating. There were far less people on the island than there were a week ago, surely there had to be a better chance of finding the right ones? But no, the gods of chance spat on her. No boxer. Pretty peroxide princess was noticeably not there. A cheerleader, that rich kid, and two nerds. The people she least expected to even make it halfway. She needed their secret to become hers, that would be useful.

She didn't try to be stealthy. This wasn't a game, there was no immediate danger in being spotted. From her limited recollection, none of them looked like anyone she could remember on the announcements. Aston snapped shut her notebook, dropped it in her bag, swapping it for her gun. She flicked the safety on, shoved it in the back of her jeans, and got ready to initiate contact with this group of people who needed to further her goals.

Despite the waves of stumps that boggled her line of sight, she made it over to the group of four rather quickly. Oh, well now at this distance, she could see them. Let's see...

Aaron Hughes. Nerd to the highest caliber. He was...not someone one wanted to cross at Bayview, cause there was no way of telling how he'd react to most situations.

Aileen Borden. Well, this was a change of pace. She recognised Aileen, she was one of those girls who had somewhat of a passing interest in wildlife protection, it clicked similarly to Aston's own love of animals. Still, not like that was a good basis on which to judge a person on SOTF.

Milo Taylor.


Moving on.

Well, there was Charlie Duclare. Bitch. No other word was as fitting as just a plain old "Bitch". That was all she had to say, really.

Of course, she didn't know whether or not they knew she was there, so...

Aston coughed in her usual, attention-seeking way, and crossed her arms.

"Hello there. Been busy?"
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