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Oh man. I had some pretty awful ideas for Rena back in the day. Let's see. There was...

Useful Rena: Yeah, Rena wasn't always supposed to be the crying mess she wound up as. She wasn't going to be very strong or anything, but she was going to have some tough moments and basically be at least somewhat productive. Of course, the second she set foot on the island her doom magnet made that pretty impossible. So instead we got the lovely tragic Rena we wound up with today. Poor, poor Rena.

Rena kills Raine Schrawz: Back when Raine got rolled the first time, Chibinanashi and I sorta worked out a plan where Raine, Ridley, and Rena went to the tunnels and got separated, which would lead to Rena accidentally smashing Raine over the head with her shillelagh. Raine wound up getting heroed last minute, so instead we went to the tunnels and Rena stepped in dear old Rekka. Honestly, I am so glad this never happened. For one, it's probably more impossible than I thought, what with Rena's lack of strength, and secondly, Raine and Ridley dying led to Rena actually getting sent out of the game in a way I liked, and personally, I thought their conjoined death was very beautiful. Speaking of dying...

Rena dies miserable and alone: The death that Rena ended up with was actually a death I had working for my Program character, Megan Jacobson. Rena's death was never supposed to be so, well, happy. Originally I wanted her to get shot begging for her life, because I thought it fit her classic, distressed, pathetic character. But when I actually heroed Rena, the death didn't feel right anymore. Rena had gone through so much crap on the island, a lot of which I induced, that I felt terrible. I wanted her to go out with some dignity. So instead of having her abandon her teammates and get cornered, I decided to have her leave on a mission and decide to attack someone who she knew was a killer. I honestly think the death worked out a thousand times better than I planned, and I'm glad Rena got a little bit of joy before she bit the dust.

Rena punches Dustin Royal in the face: Okay this wasn't really a plan as it was an urge, but somewhere inbetween getting yelled at in the tunnels and called psycho by Sunil, I was really considering having Rena just get fed up and punch Dustin. It would have been totally out of character, but it was comedic gold. Luckily, I got rid of her before she would have logically reached her breaking point, so Dustin's prettyboy face remains unpunched. Although he is kinda dead now...so...yeah.
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