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Rhory just had to keep fucking around with the gun while she talked. It was absolutely the most distracting thing possible, especially because it hadn't warmed up one fucking bit. It was inching up Kimberly's stomach, edging her shirt and hoodie up. She listened, despite the fear and anger this provoked, trying to assess and analyze, trying to figure out if Rhory was telling the truth. Trying to play games to distract herself from the degree to which she was at this girl's mercy.

Fuck you, Rhory. We'll have words before this is through.

Suddenly, Rhory stopped playing with the gun, stopped lifting her shirt. It was a damn good thing, too. She was a tease, kept pushing Kimberly right to the edge of her patience, right to the point where she'd let her rage beat out her self interest and rationality. No, though, that was bad. She was on the wrong end of a shotgun or something. It would take exactly one twitch of the finger to kill her. Rhory didn't want her dead, but she wouldn't stand for getting jumped, either.

And Rhory asked if she could ask a question, and Kimberly just had to go and fucking antagonize her.

"I guess you just did, Best Kill. Guess you don't really give a fuck about permission anyways, so it doesn't mean jack shit if I give my consent."

Kimberly made sure to give her a nice little smile with that one. If she was gonna die without swinging at her foe, might as well be for being insolent. Might as well be before things got worse. And if Rhory wasn't gonna be goaded, well... Kimberly guessed they were both in for the long haul here.
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North