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The words felt putrid as they rushed to her mouth. They spewed out into Kimberly’s widening eyes. Rhory felt herself choke on them slightly as they rose. Velocity forced them out. Something about the way her lips twisted around them felt wrong. Detached. For a brief moment it didn’t feel like her. For that moment it all felt so horrible, so wrong. In that moment she managed to convince herself that it wasn’t her.

But then she saw Kimberly’s face, the fear in it, the powerlessness, and she felt the greasy heat that had been nesting in her belly shoot up behind her lungs and she didn’t care who it was. Whoever it was, they were in control. Whoever it was had power. After so much time wasted being so weak, Rhory was willing to be that person.

Rhory’s lips softened into a saner shadow of the crazed smile. The loss of the sinister curl did nothing to change her intentions She half-listened to Kimberly’s nervous response. It meant nothing to her. She couldn’t give less of a damn about how or where or why little Kimmy had sharpened her teeth. She simply traced the tip of the gun backwards, slowly, up its path until it reached the bottom hem of her shirt.

“Of course there are easier targets, Kimmy.” she began to draw the girl’s shirt up lightly. She watched the muscles around her waist twitch where the metal touched. “Sounds to me like you’ve had your own fun with them.” She drew the hem up past her navel. She stared at it for a few seconds with an absent smirk before snapping her eyes back up to Kimberly’s and dropping the shirt suddenly, swinging the gun’s barrel towards the middle of the girl’s torso.

“Do I get to ask a question now?”
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North