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A burning sensation scathed Aston's chest as she saw the RPG hoisted out of the box told her to run away. That burning sensation? Common sense. Yet she pressured on, getting closer, stupidly closer until she saw what was going on on the other side.


Whatever she saw, she suppressed it. Caring about everything that happened just then wasn't part of her goal so she blocked it out. It wasn't relevant. What was relevant was the facts. Cold. Hard. Facts. The facts told her that there was one less person on the scene, the facts told her that Kris Hartmann was now holding an unloaded weapon, the facts told her that Japanese Weaboo idiot was now about to attack her, and now the facts told her to act. Don't think. Act.

She swooped down towards the bag lay right near the box, and clenched it in her right and strongest hand. Stupid. She didn't know where the detonator was, she didn't know where the bomb was, but all she knew was that this thing had to be disposed of.

Aston spun around, prepared. Aiming in a useless direction, useless because no one was or would ever be there in the immediate future, she threw the bag as far as she could muster.

There wasn't enough time to see it land, because just like that, she was off.

Her reason for being there was gone and rendered useless. Of course, the numbing sensation she felt long before wasn't there, but it would be soon, and that was when her motives were unguessable, her actions reckless and her goals shifted as suddenly as the weather.

The numbing came back as soon as she scooped up her shoes. She shook her head and tried to ease it off, but it came quickly. Aston was quicker though. The girl was off through the town almost as speedily as she came.

((Aston Bennett continues in No Such Thing as a Perfect Plan))


No goddammit, this wasn't supposed to happen.

He wasn't supposed to die.

RJ Lowe was there. As was his girl. And that Japanese girl from the cage. Oh, and Kris Hartmann, 4-time killer. She's gone insane, and she has explosives. A lot of them now.

But RJ's dead. I'm not sure how it happened, but he's no longer among the living.

I feel numb. I want to throw something, kill something, this is just how I felt almost a day ago, but I can't give in like I did then.

Someone could die. I don't want to be responsible for more than one two deaths here.


I need time to think.
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