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  • Jason Clarke = Neil Sinclair II: One of my original ideas was to have Jason lead another escape initiative. It never got off the ground because none of the ideas worked.
  • Jason gets laid: Yeah, this was another pipe dream. Basically, Jason was going to meet up with a girl and decide that, given their likely deaths, to get it on, so to speak.
  • Jimmy teams up with Alice: The idea here was that in Heartbeat Symphony, Jimmy would have realized that Alice Boucher was only teamed up with Sarah Atwell out of self preservation, and offer Alice to join up with himself and Alan. However, Sarah ended up not forcing Alice to try and kill Jimmy and Alan.
  • Jimmy kills somebody: If Jimmy had lived long enough, I would have had him kill somebody out of sheer self-preservation. Given that one of Jimmy's big things was his pacifism, taking a life, even out of necessity, would have shaken him to the core.
  • Jimmy teams up with Jeremy Franco: In this idea I considered, Jimmy would have met up with Jeremy Franco and convinced him to join the fight against Danya by invoking the trope of "Cut Lex Luthor a Check," noting that not only was Danya running a massive human rights violation, but also that he could have made himself just as much money legitimately and given himself a much better reputation by selling the technologies he had for legitimate purposes (an example would be using the collars to track felons)
  • Simon teams up with Clio: An idea I considered but never even came close to executing was that Simon would meet up with Clio. Depending on when they met up, Simon would have either enabled Clio to stop her rampage, or joined her in it.
  • Tiffany kills Felicia: Because Quincy was, until recently, torn between Felicia and Tiffany, Tiffany would have likely killed Felicia Carmichael "in self defense," "accidentally," or as "a mercy kill." By feigning innocence in the matter, Tiffany would shake off a competitor for Quincy and keep him as an ally.
  • Tiffany kills Bridget In a pregame thread, Tiffany got into an altercation with Bridget Connolly. I was going to have them meet up, with Tiffany getting the upper hand. Given Bridget's skills, this was probably going to be in conjunction with Item #4 below.
  • Tiffany kills Quincy: While Tiffany thought of Quincy mostly as a lackey, she was going to use him for all it was worth. However, if Quincy had been rolled first, she would have killed him after he was lethally wounded, as Quincy is no longer of any use, playing it off as a "mercy kill."
  • Tiffany teams up with Maxwell Lombardi: After Tiffany killed Quincy, one idea was for Tiffany to team up with Maxwell Lombardi. She would do this by confronting him at his next kill, and stating that she isn't going to allow Maxwell to kill him/her. When pressed on why, Tiffany steals the kill and admits that it was because she wanted to do it. Double points if the victim was either Bridget or Felicia.
  • Nathan gets what was coming to him: Initially, Nathan Price was going to be my fifth character, and he was going to be one of the first to die, as he would do something incredibly stupid, believing it would work in his favor. However, the four-character cap came into play, as unlike v3, there were so many characters the cap was increased multiple times.
  • Jason, Jimmy, Simon and Charlene team up: In another part of the escape attempt, all four of my characters would have ended up being in on it. The idea was with Jason's general knowledge, Charlene's popularity, Jimmy's knowledge of psychology, and Simon's computer skills, the four of them would be if not unstoppable, then at least a force to be reckoned with.
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