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((Mike Maszer continued from Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))

Mike made very good time down the mountain. The fear and adrenaline kept him going. He hadn't seen much of a sign of Maxwell in some time, but he couldn't go back. If the killer had chosen to continue upwards, had killed Mike's allies, well, then he was the only one who knew the remainder of the plan. He had to spread it before something happened to him. He had to do something.

He was in the felled forest, the southern side, on the mountain's northern slope. He could see people leaving. He could also see some other people standing around. No way to tell who they were. They had to be better than Maxwell, but that wasn't saying much.

It would be better to take a slow, stealthy approach here. Unless, of course, some killer popped up guns blazing and shot him from behind. Still, that was looking less likely by the second.

So Mike, still breathing heavily, started creeping towards the people. He wasn't keeping too low a profile, so they might well notice him, but he certainly wasn't drawing attention to himself.
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