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Meh, why not?

R.J. Lowe: God Warrior

This one, of course, was foreshadowed heavily, and if you've seen his wiki page, you already know about this plan, but originally, he was going to believe himself to be a vessel of the Archangel Michael, and proceed to smite him some sinners. Basically, a player hunter in the mold of what T-Fox had planned for Rekka: absolutely batshit crazy. This, of course, was a stupid fucking idea, and I regret having come up with it.

R.J. Lowe: Regular Warrior

This one wound up not happening simply for lack of options. I still wanted R.J. to be a player killer, and to be much more morally ambiguous than he turned out to be, and I still wish he had been. However, the only killers who were set to die at all during his lifespan had other plans for their deaths, and there was a general unwillingness for anyone else to die in self-defense. So, yeah, bit disappointing, but such is life.

Garrett Hunter would be so proud

Because I didn't want to see Aston die so early, I was forced to hero out my remaining non-flagship, Albert Lions, and feed him to Kris, which was a bummer, because I was hoping to take him places. Most notably, the ghost of Dougal was originally planned to be a sort of Tyler Durden-esque figure, even culminating in a hallucinatory fistfight that would end with Dougal going over the edge of a cliff and Albert becoming a Lulu-ish reluctant player. I'm semi-satisfied with how things turned out, particularly that whether it was actually Dougal's ghost or a hallucination was left ambiguous, but I still would've liked to have seen what would have come of this one.

Everything about Charlotte Cave

God, the more I think about her, the more depressing it is that I had to let her go, especially considering how close to being heroed R.J. came on day one rather than swapped. I never got a real chance to flesh her out in pregame, so I'd really hoped for the chance to do so over the course of V4, and seeing how little I got out of her, I can't help but feel she turned out to be a failure. I had a lot of ideas for her; rematch with Phil, facing off with Rachel Gettys, but with no real established pregame relationships because of how late I joined, she was pretty much doomed from the start to die early and wallow in obscurity. :-/
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