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"Sorry, sorry. I guess I'm just tired. Haven't been thinking straight. It was a pretty useless plan anyway." This was typical Rachel. Always there, to find fault and try and correct Bobby when he got things wrong. Usually he appreciated it, as she was gentle with him, but now there was that harshness to it. Things between them were never going to be the same.

As he read her note, he smiled and passed it over to Neill. Yes, it made sense, and yes, they were almost certainly being constantly monitored. Still, he figured that the kidnappers wouldn't want to spoil their programme by wasting them with collar detonations if they didn't have to. And there wasn't really any other way for them to interact once they were on the island. Not without putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

He took the paper and pen from Neill and began to write. Flibble dibble ibble. Do we need to waste time with the story? What we need is to figure out how to remove these collars, and then we can work on escaping. Anybody got any ideas?"
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