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She didn't notice Jennifer coming out of the Hall of Mirrors. She was too busy just staring out at the scene in front of her, basking in the sun and just...staring. Nothing else. She heard the voice and her hand tightening over her sword for just a brief second when fear overwhelmed reason. Basic fear...fight or flight. That was her choice. Then recognition set it and the brief adrenaline rush faded away and Melissa turned, smiled, and nodded. "Yeah uh...sure, just lead the way, I guess."

She didn't know what Jennifer meant by saying that the hut was better. Every place on the island was probably chock full of bodies like this one...the only thing that would change is that they'd be at a hut instead of inside a shattered hall of mirrors. Perhaps that's all that they needed to make it better...besides, carnival attractions always just seemed way more creepy when placed on an abandoned island and littered with the bodies of dead classmates.

Jennifer started walking towards their next destination.

So did she.

(Melissa Li continued in And A Buck Short. And this thread is closed, I believe.)
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