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How cute.
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Her breath caught in her throat.

He's going to shoot us.

Quincy was holding the rifle.

He's going to kill us.

She watched him pick it up.

After all this, we're going to die?

She shut her eyes tight, and squeezed Peter' hand.

But the shot never came. She waited. But still, it never came.

"...We're okay?"

Slowly, Kaitlin opened her eyes and watched Quincy leave, looked around and saw no one else around. They were alone again. They were alone out there and honestly, she wouldn't have it any other way. She preferred to be alone with Peter instead of around those other people. She couldn't trust those other people. Neither of them could afford to trust other people. It was just the way things worked out in this game. Don't trust anyone. But they'd broken that rule long ago, and Kaitlin felt better for it. She trusted Peter with everything. With her life. With her safety. With everything.

Even with her heart.

Realizing that she was edging on crushing his hand, Kaitlin released her grip on Peter and let out a rather large sigh of relief. She no longer had to be so tense and she could let herself relax a little. They weren't in any immediate danger and it looked like nothing would be getting in their way again. Maybe... maybe they could actually make it to the sawmill today. Maybe they could actually reach a destination they had in mind. Even if she didn't want to. But she kept her misgivings about what they were going to do to herself. It had to be done. It had to be done.

Didn't it?

Shaking her head, she tried to turn her thoughts to something a little more lighthearted. Something a little more normal. Something like a shower. Bathing at the beach the other day was fine, but she would love a hot shower. Or any shower, really. But a hot one would be perfect right about now. Wash away all the stress and worry and fear. Wash away all the dirt and bad memories and horrible things. Spend the night in an actual bed.

"Well... um... what now?"

She was uneasy, but Kaitlin still flashed a smile to Peter.

"It looks... safe. Should we keep going?"

Cautiously, she looked around. Then started to stand up. Always cautious. But things looked safe. Things looked okay. She half expected to get shot the moment she stood up, but everything seemed okay for now. Everything was going to be alright.

For now.

"I don't like this Peter..."

Kaitlin sighed again, and idly rubbed her neck. She followed the chain around her neck down to the locket that hung from her neck, tracing it's outline against her jacket. Or Peter's jacket, rather, but she hadn't ever actually given it back. He didn't seem to mind, and it was a comfortable jacket.

"I don't like it here."

Talk about understatements.

"Can... can we go home?"

It certainly seemed uncertain now, didn't it?
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