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((Tiffany Chanders and Quincy Jones continued from Endings & Beginnings))

((GMing of Quincy Jones approved by Killer_Moth))

It had been about half a day. They'd stopped only periodically to rest, never staying long in one place because people kept on butting in. It was true that they weren't going in and saying "Get over here," but people were still there. The worst part about it was that it got Tiffany to thinking. It got her thinking about the two things closest to her: Quincy and home. Quincy had started out the game as being Tiffany's lackey, but she was now developing actual respect for him - grudging respect, but it was still there. He was putting up with this situation better than she was, and Quincy had been able to kill where she probably would have been unable to do so. Of course the unfortunate thing was, Quincy still had to die in order for her to go home and to see her mom.

Tiffany had actually shed a couple tears at the thought of her mother. Unlike Quincy, her mother was the only person Tiffany would admit respect for or truthfully talk about anything going into the game. They'd had such good times at the mall and at the spa.

If I'm lucky, maybe I'll actually get to celebrate with her.

She'd been a little lost in her thoughts when she'd noticed the big building a couple hundred feet away. Tiffany looked at Quincy behind her, who simply nodded as they approached the building.
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