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Quince relaxed as Tiffany responded to his overture. It wasn't quite the response that he'd wanted, but it was enough for now. She might have been leading him on, but he honestly didn't care. She was there, and there was enough of a promise for him to follow her wherever she wanted to go.

As Tiffany left, Quince allowed his head to look where she had been indicating. A couple of other kids had been watching. From a discreet distance, but that they had escaped his notice was something to worry about. He said nothing, but reached for the rifle.

He moved slowly in case either of the newcomers got nervous. Once he'd picked up the rifle, he kept it pointed away from them. He didn't want a confrontation delaying him from getting to Tiffany, and whatever she had planned for them. He grabbed his backpack and backed away slowly. These two would live for a while longer at least.

((Quincy Jones cont'd elsewhere))
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