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Can you hear me?
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Oh, and as if things couldn't get chaotic enough?

DuClare vocalized a desire to leave. No, really. She was being scared off by all the chaos. Goody. And as if Jacquard couldn't make things more difficult.

God damn it, she should just get her ass out of here. Never come back, never see them again. And if she and Rob did something to those two, then she'd better wish that she'd never run into them again, as well. Aileen did not approve of people attacking members of the group, at all.

But, now Aaron was making plans to leave. Oh thank god. Any longer and Aileen would have thrown herself at Jacquard, with hammer at the ready. Some part of her wished to stick around and beat the crap out of her, but in the end common sense prevailed.

Sighing, Aileen grabbed her things and once again lifted the straps across her shoulder.

Well, she guessed they were going again, apparently. At least Jacquard wasn't planning on killing any of them, at the very least. But as she kept saying to herself, if it turned out Lily and Richard were dead... it won't end well. Of course it wouldn't fucking end well. That sort of shit pissed her off.

If only Aaron made sure to stick with the group this time.

Turning to DuClare, she tried to think of a few things to say, but the only thing she could think of was...

"Erm, come if you want", Aileen said quietly, still somewhat steaming from her rage.

Giving one last look at Jacquard, she wanted to say all sorts of things to her, but couldn't think of any that didn't involve smacking her across the face. She didn't want to see Jacquard ever again, even if they ever got off this shithole of a place and she was just another person.

So Aileen turned back around and followed Aaron, only-

She could hear Jacquard throwing a fit. Screaming, crying, everything. Calling Aaron a murderer, cussing them all out, and so on. Aileen's heart began to race faster as she heard bits and pieces of the rant.

Without warning, she picked up her pace.

Despite her own anger, she didn't want to be on the other side of Jacquard's in the end.

((Aileen Borden continued elsewhere))

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