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Hmm, let's see.

Chris Carlson: Player Avoider
This was the original plan I had from the start, and he followed it for a few threads. Basically Chris would have tried to stay away from anybody he saw out of fear that they'd try to kill him or that he'd have to kill someone he liked. When he ended up seeing Maria getting the crap beaten out of her by Phil, I figured it wouldn't be in character for him to just stand by, so there he goes flying out of a bush with brass knuckles. One thing led to another and he's temporarily joining a group with a wounded Maria that didn't last too long.

Jake Crimson Goes Player
This was the original plan I had for Jake and hints to it can be seen in his death thread. As the death thread shows, schizophrenia takes hold and he starts thinking that his cinderblock is talking to him. He'd then go on a quest inspired by his trust in the block to kill whoever he saw. It would have been a slightly humorous storyline that mostly involved him running around the island neglecting his needs until he got killed during his misadventures. When I saw that nobody was giving death rights, I realized that I had nothing I could do with Jake except throw him around the island taking ineffective swings at everyone. So I decided to give him an ending.
Characters for v4

Christopher Carlson: B052
Weapons: Brass knuckles

Jake Crimson: B084 (Adopted)
Weapons: Cinderblock

Characters for v5

Clayton Leven: B050
Weapons: Handcuffs

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