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((Craptacular post, will edit at a not-too-much-later date))

The rock hit the blond guy in the leg and he fell down like a house of cards. Both Allen and Andrea could only watch in silent shock as the realization of what just occurred sunk into both of their minds. 'Someone's just attacked that guy... holy crap, there's someone else around here!' Andrea thought in alarm. Obviously neither Allen nor Andrea had thrown the projectile at the guy, and it didn't look to originate from Bounce and the other girl either. So yeah, there was a fourth party lurking around. A dangerous unknown fourth party, one that Roland was now angrily shouting at.

"Don't look at us, we didn't do anything," Allen spoke up to defend himself and Andrea. The other girl traveling with Bounce then called out that she saw where the rock had originated from, looking up in a general direction towards a bush. Allen looked up towards where he thought the girl was glancing at, looking for any signs of movement in the vicinity.

Andrea did the same, staring at the bush. "She's right, it looked like the rock came from there," she whispered to Allen, trying to analyze the current situation and apply some logic to it. "Now, either they don't have a gun, or they're not playing, because if they did have a gun and were playing, we'd all be dead right about now."

A chill ran down Allen's spine at Andrea's mention of a possible close shave with death. "If that was meant to calm me down, it didn't," he whispered back, then looked up to the bush that was supposedly hiding someone. "Alright, uh, whoever's hiding, c-come on out," Allen called out loudly, attempting to maintain a firm and steady voice. It was no easy feat though, considering he had absolutely no clue who was hiding, or what their motives were.
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