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((And I'm back))

He heard it. Maf did too. That voice, that accent, that...Jason.

There was nothing to mistake here.

And now, here it was. What did they do? Urges and instincts told him to go out there and confront him, with their guns clenched in their hands and focused faces and a demand for answers in a place where you weren't likely to get them. On the other hand, who was to say that Jason was alone? That voice...it was only a voice, it didn't have a GPS built into it, or sonar, it just said to those who couldn't see him "Jason Harris is here".

But who else was there?

One of the budding hypotheses forming in Maf's brain was the possibility that Brook and him were working together. The announcements were right; Jason was a murderer, Brook was a triple murderer, you can't get that kind of mileage on a sane and stable mind by yourself. But that girl he was pining over, she was gone...so did he really have a sane and stable mind, wherever he was?


Maf sat in his seat, just thinking the situation through as many times as he could without making it look like he was simply stalling for time.

What to do, what to do, what to do...

...there's really no other way to do this.

He reached across his shoulder and brought his bag around to the floor surrounding him, fumbling inside. There was something in here that made sure he would get answers. Maf sure as hell didn't want to use it, but...given the situation, and how much they didn't know...

The wooden grip scraped against his hands, and they clenched down upon the tiny gun lofting around in there with his final belongings. He brought it out, plain view for Nathan to see, and turned towards his friend.

"We get answers, Nathan."
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

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