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Melissa was fine with moving on. That was a good thing. Jennifer was starting to feel like she couldn't breath. The stench was all around her. It wasn't fair. She shouldn't have ever had to know what bodies smelled like. Now wasn't the time to bemoan the situation, though. Now they were going to move. Jennifer was going to find somewhere without any corpses, for a fucking change. There had to be somewhere. It was a big island.

Melissa wanted to go wait outside. Maybe she smelled it too. This wasn't a good place to be.

"Go ahead," Jennifer said.

Then she took out the little pamphlet Danya had left them all, and tore off a page. She had a pencil with her still, in her backpack. Looks like it'd been worth carrying after all.

She sat down, and quickly wrote:

          Melissa and I were here, but we had to move on because of all the bodies. We're sticking together, and have had no problems so far. I think we're going to try to find somewhere a little bit cleaner and safer and maybe try to ride things out there for awhile.
          Right now, I think the groundskeeper's hut may be our best option, so I think we'll check there. If it seems unsafe or becomes a danger zone, though, we'll head to the mountain.
          I hope you're doing well and are safe. Please don't stay here too long. I have a bad feeling about this place. Also, please stay safe and out of trouble. I'm sorry we couldn't keep up with you before. If we can all link up again, maybe we can find a better place to lay low and wait things out peacefully. I think you'll be safer with us.
                                                                                                    - Jennifer
P.S. If you are not Nick, please leave this note for him to find. It would mean a lot to me.

With that done, Jennifer exited the hall of mirrors, leaving the note under a shard of shattered glass. There was no way to know if it would reach its intended audience. She was making the same fucking mistake all over again, leaving a secondhand scavenger hunt across the whole fucking island when peoples' lives were on the line. Now, though, there was a bit more justification. Melissa's life was on the line, too. Nick could take care of himself. He was probably more equipped to survive than both girls combined. He'd be fine.

She hoped he'd be fine.

No time to worry now.

Jennifer waved to Melissa, gesturing in the direction they were going to go. It wasn't that far.

"Um, I think we should check out the hut," she said. "It looks, um, better."

More defensible. Less fucking creepy.

She got walking.

((Jennifer Perez continued in And A Buck Short))
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