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Go somewhere else? Melissa blinked in surprise as she heard Jennifer's suggestion. It was true that they had been there for while...but it hadn't seemed to be that long. It seemed kind of sudden to start moving after they had just gotten settled down but...well, it's not like Melissa really had anything against moving. Every place on the island was the same as another...all that mattered was who they came across in their journey. Just as long as they didn't go anywhere a killer was...Melissa was perfectly fine moving where Jennifer wanted to go.

Then again, it's not like either of them were psychic and could tell where killers would be lurking. In the end, it really just depending on luck like...everything else in this whole damn thing.

"Yeah uh, sure, no problem." Melissa said as she began packing things up into her duffel bag. She hummed softly to herself as she stuffed the bread and cracked back in between her clothes and gently tucked in her portable stove after that. Next was the yearbook and she blinked at it a couple of times, her fingers tracing across the still faces of her classmates. Some of her friends were still alive. That's what mattered. With a silent nod, she tucked it in and zipped up her bag. "All right. If...uh, if you want to leave a note, that's fine. Hopefully they'll um...be able to find it, right?"

"I'll be waiting outside, okay? I kind of want to get some sun, I guess..." She offered lamely as an excuse as she got to her feet, hefting her bag over one shoulder as she left the Hall of Mirrors. She shielded her eyes as she stepped out, blinking several times as she tried to get used to the sunlight streaming out. It still wasn't that late in the day, at least...probably had a few hours left of brightness before they had to get paranoid about shadows again.

The outside was such a morbid scene. One person, standing in the middle of a field of death.

Could have been worse, she guessed.
"Oh god dammit, I lost my sense of humor around here. Someone help me find it."


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