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Ooh, I'll post here instead of posting with my characters now that I'm back, I've got a lot to say really:

Clio - Normal Girl

Clio was never intended to be a player when I made her terrible terrible self back in pre-game. I only had plans for 2 characters back then, and I knew I'd probably get rolled fast, so Clio was gonna be my fodder I couldn't be fucked developing cause she was my first attempt at writing someone other than my SI and it wasn't going so well. Then she was rolled a gun, and I really couldn't resist making her play. People weren't happy about her playing, to say the least, I got a lot of flack about it.

Clio was gonna die on Day 3

Let the record state I had no intention of Clio ever making it past the halfway mark. Hell, when I decided she was gonna be a player, I had no intention of having her last past the 3rd day. The thing was, she was gonna get 2-3 kills, then fall victim to an even bigger threat (or at least that was the plan at the time)...Rachel Gettys. We planned this the moment she got rolled a gun and Rachel got rolled a Tambourine, they would fight and Clio would die. However, stuff arose, such as PA leaving and Rachel going in a different direction than we both anticipated, so I had to cancel that plan out. It got replaced with a better plan.

Brendan going player

Long story short, Brendan was gonna kill Chris Davidson with a blow-up doll/garrotte, I decided against it before the game started, and it went to Clio instead. NEXT.

Jacob dying in his first post

All the cool kids were gonna do it, so I thought I would too. I couldn't really get a voice for Jacob in pre-game, as evident by his 2 posts, so I thought "Eh, I'll just kill him in his first post". But then I started his game, and I really got a feel for him, so that plan was moot.

Paige - Revenge Quest for Jacob

Another one of the plans was that Jacob would be one of Reiko's first victims. Me and Rocky discussed this a little; Reiko would kill Jacob, Paige would grieve her little heart out, run away, and find someone who would be willing to kill her in revenge. Then, she was rolled first, and that plan was rendered moot.

Paige - Jacob's killer

This one had merit. Paige would meet Jacob (in their first post), and run/hug him, knocking him over. She'd cry for a while to him, then realise she knocked him onto one of those pesky rocks. She'd run, cry, etc, until one of my characters was rolled and Paige would be my fodder for swap. This fell out once I posted with Jacob first, and I realised I didn't want to kill him unless he was rolled.

Paige - Swimming Suicide

If Paige made it past Day 3 (which didn't happen, lol), then if she was rolled I'd have her appear at one of the beaches and mirror a v1-v2 death by going crazy, swimming out as far as she could as an attempt to escape, and get shot by the guard/collar detonated. Never happened, but I considered it for her Day 1 death for a few seconds.

Aston - Player right off the bat

This one was scarily close to coming to fruition. She'd make a plan, sort it all out, and then start shooting bitches. I even wrote up the post, but I was at school, so when I tried to post it, the computer ate the post. Really angry, but then I thought about it, and decided that just because Aston was a pre-made crazy waiting to happen, didn't mean I had to appeal to that part of her right off the bat.

Maf - Stalking Nick Reid

Okay, this one was just fairly simple, Maf would, instead of following Nathan, he'd follow Nick instead and see if he found Jennifer. However, I decided against the two meeting early. Maybe for Maf's inevitable death, they'll meet. That'll be sweet.

Nathan Price

Who is this guy? He was one of decoy's pregame characters, and I almost adopted him because at the time of applications, Jacob didn't exist yet except as a figment of Paige's imagination (not really, but I did plan for him to never appear in person. Invoking a Trope, you see), so I was to adopt the jerk Nathan Price. However, I kinda didn't get a feel for him, plus it would have involved a massive rewrite of his profile which I didn't feel like doing.
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