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My turn!

Aileen, the Happy Little Knight Templar
I already stated this on the wiki, but...

Like many characters, Aileen was going to be- you guessed it!- a player hunter. I was thinking of having her kill someone right at the start, freak out, decide that since she's already started killing she might as well not worry about that, and start playing. But, she'd usually attack other players, people who attack her, or clearly out of their gourd. Gambit had also wanted Aileen to kill Daniel, simply because "she was the only one who hated him", but I said I couldn't think of an IC reason why she'd randomly attack Daniel at least early on, despite his protests. But, ironically enough, hanging around Aaron prevented Aileen from going all "PURGE THE GUILTY!", at least for right now.

Aileen's Potential Kind-Of Death At The Hands of Bridget
As the extension of the above, back in pre-game Rocky and I thought of a way to kill Aileen off with Bridget. Aileen and Bridget run into each other, and start fighting. Bridget breaks Aileen's arm, and before Aileen could use her other arm, she breaks it as well, simply to prevent her from killing the FILTHY. Aileen proceeds to have a mental breakdown, at which point it is hinted at that she was acting all extremist was not because she feared death but because she was worried about someone going Jenson on her to the point of killing people to prevent it. Since she is now helpless, having her arms and god knows what else broken, she flips out. She screams at Bridget to finish her off, but Bridget simply leaves behind a gun and tells her that if she wants to die she could simply do it herself instead, basically refusing to mercy kill someone and leaving her behind. At this point either a) a third party pops in and decides to mercy kill her at her pleading, b) she gets stuck in a Danger zone, c) she figures out a way to kill herself despite her broken limbs, or d) one of the psychos she was precisely worried about comes in, messes with her, and kills her off. This is probably not going to happen in the future for obvious reasons.

Remy-Reiko Team-Up Funtimes
The reason why Remy and Reiko shared the same opening thread was because originally Rocky wanted Remy and Reiko to team up on the island. Yes, that means they were going to be killer buddies presumably, both flipping out over Reikadeath. The reason why it didn't happen was simply because Josée had also entered the thread and wanted a team-up, and he didn't see how a Remy-Reiko team up would work under those circumstances.

While we're on the subject, overall originally there was supposed to be a bunch of Remy-Reiko and Remy-Reika shiptease, but not much showed up in canon.

Happy Fun Twin Murder Time!
Oh, and Remy and Josée were supposed to be flat-out rivals in-game, but Sky changed his mind when he was writing Josée's opening post and decided that despite all the hatred that they shared against each other, Josée would try to make a truce with him. Not much to say here, other than we changed our minds.

One More Thing About Remy
How bad was his descend into paranoia supposed to be? Well, quick list of possible scenes I wanted to write with him to get an idea.

- Remy finds something to eat. Remy eats it. Remy starts to have stomach problems, and while it's most likely stress, malnutrition, or something along those lines, Remy begins to freak out, thinking someone poisoned him. So he forces himself to vomit so that the "poison" is out of him. In graphic detail.
- What the hell was his freaking out about Death (caused by Cisco's own ramblings of calling someone by that name) about? Originally Remy was going to eventually develop Capgras delusions and start thinking that everyone was being possessed/mind controlled/replaced by Kris Hartmann (who killed Reika) and/or "Death" (just Cisco's nickname for Joe Rios that he took way out of proportion, and apparently he thinks at one point is Kris). So, he'd basically think that someone had some kind of magical powers and was controlling random people to attack him specifically. Hey, he's crazy, it doesn't have to make sense for sane people.

Possibly others when I think of them.

Carol (Or Rein) Bitches Hermione Out And Gets An Easy-Bake Over The Head For It
This is all one you know by now. Hermione was supposed to die differently; act Stepford-y, get bitched out, hit someone over the head with an Easy-Bake, and gets a hail of gunfire. When it was brought up to me that Hermione was going to die in there, I said that Carol should be the one to do it, simply because she had just found out three of her friends were dead and another was killing people, so obviously her temper was going to be uncharacteristically short especially when it came to Hermione's type of antics. Selphie said that Sky wanted Rein to do it, so I said "Okay!". But Sky had mysteriously disappeared, I had no clue if I should have Carol be the one to bitch her out and get conked over the head after all, and eventually Hermione... took a different route, to say the least.

Chase's Descent Into Insanity
After the events of Break Up And Break Down, I kind of realized that although it had serious woobie potential, I actually wasn't fond of writing Chase as simply one who gets victimized. So, starting at some point around Day 2 or 3 I kind of decided I wanted Chase to do a heel-turn, so I can do something more interesting with her and the fact that Jon and Dawne were going to/had died left an opening of sorts. The reason why it never happened was simply because I never found the best spot to go "FUCK THIS SHIT I KILL YOU ALL BWUAHAHAHA". That, and Rocky tried to talk me out of it when I brought it up to him, saying that it was predictable (slightly timid acting goth girl with bizarre interests and is traumatized to pieces, who word of god states is based off a serial killer character?) and that he thought it was kind of OOC. So, on and off I've been going "Chase should go crazy. Chase shouldn't go crazy". So, whether or not you will see a psycho!Chase.... it depends. For now, though, I'll try my best to play the woobie hand I've been given with her, even flat out going "Yay! She's going to be traumatized again!". XD

Multiple Chase Nightmare/Hallucination Sequences
Somewhat tying in with the above, Chase was supposed to have some nightmares/hallucinations given to us in loving detail. Basically, they'd revolve a lot around bloody organs, caused in part by seeing Robert Lerger's corpse in all its... erm, glory. But they would have taken other forms, too.

Some of them would have been humorous however, like having a dream where she dances with Michael Jackson in Thriller, or having another where the Chase-Aston-Marty-Michelle-Joshua group were basically characters in a classic zombie movie.

Chase-Dawne-Rekka Plotline
I can't really say much about this one as of right now. But yes, Chase, Dawne, and Rekka were supposed to have a bit of a storyline going before Dawne blew herself up and Rekka went inactive and got handed off to T-Fox. Basically they were going to have a bit of interaction (most likely a team-up) on the island that would have most likely end in chaos. In fact, KARAS originally wanted Rekka to enter Break Up And Break Down, but the appearance of Gracie caused a change of plans. There's nothing much really to say about this one right now, as I said. Maybe I'll add more later when I get further into Chase's character development or when I remember something that I forgot about it.

Where Did I Want To Go With The Whole Crush Thing At First?
The crush thing? Well, my original idea I was going with it sometime around Chase being first submitted to pre-game was that she finds her crush on the first day, and a team-up starts. The crush (who most likely doesn't reciprocate it) offers to protect her out of courtesy, but Chase decides that it isn't fair to let him protect her all the time so she decides to protect him as well, out of her own crush and because she thinks it's fair that way. I liked it simply because it was a fun dynamic.

That, and I thought that randomly having crushes on people all the time but being unable to act on them was a fun character trait. The above was only an extension of it.

"You Could Get All Kinds Of Money If You Just Looked Into The Porno Business And Not Killing People!"
^ Chase's thoughts, spoken aloud, upon realizing she is being broadcasted all over the world. While changing clothes. Yes, her only reaction. And spoken at the camera. Don't ask why I wanted her to say something like that to the camera.

Carol Drowning Death
WAY before Rocky had kill rights on Carol (like back when she was first submitted to pre-game), a common joke was that Carol was going to land in water, freak out, start drowning, and die. I guess that's what I always presumed her death was going to be until Rocky said Reiko should strangle her. Nothing else needs to be said.

Carol-Marty meet-up
I also wanted a Carol-Marty meet up, as well. He even asked if he could show up in Missing Those Lost, which I agreed to. But they never interacted in game. Oh well.

I guess that's it for now. I don't want this to go on too long, do I? Eh, if I think of more, I'll think of more. There's probably some I've forgotten about, or the ones I do remember I was kind of foggy when remembering and messed up the details. Please remind me if you notice something I forgot to mention or screwed up the details. XD

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