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I have a ton, so I'm only going to post the few off the top of my head! Good thread idea xD

Roland and Dave Kiss
When Roland was set to die, it seemed like we were going to run out of time to complete the death. Rather nervous about the entire thing, Rugga suggested the terrorists should find out that Roland was the one spreading the message of the Island location, and simply blow his collar. I cleared it with Clu and it was set as the backup plan. Then, I extended on that. In the Swamp, the escape group plays a game similar to spin the bottle, mess up on the coded message and you've got to kiss someone. The idea was Roland would mess up, and wind up being forced to kiss Dave. Seconds before they kiss, (Or during) Roland's collar blows, covering Dave in blood, and every bugs out. It was a hilarious idea, but it didn't really fit with Roland. He's such a serious dude, and it was such a silly death. Eventually the killers showed up and Roland met his end in a more gruesome manner.

Jay goes Player
Instead of Jimmy, I'd originally planned to have Jay be the one to snap and start popping heads left and right. Similar to Kris, Jay would've gotten an early kill by being surprised and accidentally shooting someone. Then after a bout of puking and whatnot he'd get over it and turn total player. This didn't really fit Jay as a character, as he's way more jittery and indecisive. When I decided to make Jimmy a player, I scrapped the idea and revised Jay.

Jimmy meets Chris Davidson
Before Gambit got banned, (during pre-game in fact) I had asked if Jimmy could run into Chris, and the pair could hit it off. Chris was a sheltered Christian boy, Jimmy is a foul-mouthed little bastard who probably deserves every inch of hate he's got in one way or another. The idea was Jimmy would protect the kid, or pretend to, then after running into a major player, Jimmy would steal his things and scram like a coward. This would eventually cause a hefty bit of guilt on Jimmy's part, and self-hatred for his cowardice. Of course, Gambit killed Chris in his second ever post. So the second that happened, the plan went kablooey

Pandora's Book
Roland met Pandora early in the game, in the House of Mirrors. After talking (ie, being thrown into a wall) Pandora was temporarily knocked out, and Roland, Dave and Isabel left. Selphie came to me with an idea for Roland to eventually encounter Pandora again, after she had been grievously wounded by another player. Pandora would be heroed for Roland in case he was set to die first, so this was pretty much Pandora Black's intended death. Pandora had been working in her diary, recording various bits of information from her time on the Island, and her dying wish would be for Roland to keep the book close at hand. He'd then mercy kill her, and go on his way, reading from the book from time to time, feeling pretty guilty about the entire thing. Unfortunately Selphie had to leave the game, and Roland was rolled before Pandora was. I didn't want to bug her new handler over an old promise, so Roland died well before Pandora, with this plot line unfinished.

Roland goes Crazy
This idea was sorta present in my writing for Roland, at certain points, most notably in his conversation with Kitty during Shore Leave, and his inner monologue during Dead Flag Blues. If Roland had never hooked up with the escape group, and unable to come up with his own idea for escape, he'd have ultimately realized that the only way to kill Danya would be to win the game. The idea was Roland would start pretending to play the game, and then attempt to kill Danya during the post-game conversation, like Bryan Calvert. A flimsy plan to begin with, as Roland would hack and slash his way across the Island he'd grow increasingly paranoid that he'd die, and his murders would be for nothing. Another problem would've been the fact he'd be effectively undercover, unable to explain to the folks watching at home what his plan was, knowing that his family would be watching and believing he'd gone completely crazy. Something that would have driven him literally crazy. I was actually really fond of this idea, as I always considered Roland to be a pretentious bastard, always a little too sure of himself and always refusing to change his views. He'd have eventually gotten his comeuppance, being murdered by a friend of one of his victims, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat (or that his murders were unjustified.) I kinda liked this idea, as it had Roland walking along the fine line between a vigilante/anti-hero and outright crazed bastard. Of course, the second he found Feo's group in the Ranger Station, Roland devoted himself to the escape attempt and this idea was scrapped.
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