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This looks fun. I'll go ahead and keep living characters off of this except for two particular things.

Everett becomes a player: Soooo... embarassing as it is, all my characters were originally designed to snap and play (I had to do that with each new one I made because I kept realizing how dumb the ideas were and jettisoning them). Everett had a big inferiority complex, was pretty scared, and just generally was going to lose it and decide that, for once, he could be the best at something. It was fairly bare-bones and boring, so I'd ditched it by halfway through pregame. I sort of lost track of where I was going with Everett in the end, so I killed him off in the first rolls. This leads nicely to...

Aaron dies in the first rolls: When Aaron came up in the first set of rolls, I was originally just going to let him die. Sol and I even had a scene planned, where, while handing over her gun, Lily practiced poor gun safety and accidentally fatally shot Aaron. I figured it'd be interesting to see a character who'd had a pretty long pregame and a lot of connections go out early and anticlimactically. Aaron was actually going to basically freak out as he realized that he wasn't even special enough to last a day.

Luckily, Mimi, Jonny, and Ricky all came to me and went, "Stop being dumb about this." I decided that I actually did have some things to do with Aaron, and resolved to save him. I swapped immediately because it seemed really unfair to potentially catch a Hero by having stated that I wouldn't Swap when I had, in fact, become willing to do so.

Isaiah meets Liz Polanski: This one actually got bounced around quite a lot. Isaiah was going to stumble across a wounded Liz, attempt to help her back to health, and quite likely die horribly for his efforts. Thread timelines didn't mesh well, though, so a different group ended up performing that function, and Isaiah ended up catching a golf club to the skull when RJ got rolled.

Kimberly dies in D-Day: I actually did consider killing Kimberly off in her first thread. I wasn't happy with her in the slightest, couldn't find her voice, and had no clue where to go with her, so I had her do something really dumb and get shot for her troubles. Suddenly, she was fun to write again, so I decided not to any pre-roll deaths (or Swap/Hero her, as I had originally intended).
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