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I really didn't have many ideas that I didn't get to carry out, considering I've only lost one of my characters and one I adopted.

Miranda becomes a player.

Self explanatory really. Out of the three students I created, Miranda was pretty much designated the one most likely to start killing. However, due to not getting much RP experience with her in pregame, and hating the way she was heading in V4 (not to mention Garry overtaking her and become my flagship character), I just got rid of her with my Hero Card.

Garry kills Clio Gabriella.

During the rolls, Inky and me came up with an idea for what was going to happen between Clio and Garry after Luke's death. If she wasn't saved, Garry would've continued his assault on Clio and killed her in his rage. However she did get saved and the rest is, as they say, history.
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