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I didn't have a whole lot, cause mostly I'm just improvising and making shit up as I go, but one thing I wanted to do was just:

Lily goes player.

If you look at her death thread, the way she snapped to commit suicide was the way I would have had her acting as she started killing people, with full news anchor narration, probably even busting the writing for her down to minimalism. You can see evidence of the forthcoming snap in her intropost where she's scribbling away in her notepad. Then she got rolled, I saw a great opportunity to kill her, and I let her die.

Edit: Now that I think about it:

Ray goes player.

Obvious choice, considering he could snap and go extreme in his efforts to get back to his family, but he ran into people who served as surrogate families that kept me from going that route (That and a shitty weapon pick). The years of wrestling would've made for some nasty hand-to-hand confrontations.
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