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And just as quickly as he had arrived, they were all leaving. It was obvious at least the new, approaching boy had noticed them. Peter's gaze turned to him as he watched the boy stoop and shovel something into his bag, before awkwardly shifting it on his back and departing again as if he were only an apparition.

He crept a few inches closer to the other two, squinting his eyes to try to bring them into focus. If he could just see their faces... One boy and one girl. They appeared to be embracing. He just couldn't make out their fa-oh shit that was a rifle.

How could he have not noticed it before? There it was, leaning against a stump, it's surprisingly pristine wooden finish glinting in the sunlight. Peter's entire focus was on that weapon. There was no hand upon it, which meant that there was no sniper aiming for their heads. Not that he could do a damn thing if there was besides run. Run like they had been running.

The warmth and gentle pressure on Peter's hand as Katlin took it into hers snapped him out of his morbid, fearful train of thought. They'd be fine, they had to. Didn't give him an excuse to not be cautious though. His eyes glued to the pair as they shared what looked to be an extremely intimate moment. He watched the girl raise her hand to the male, and then glance over his shoulder. Right at them. Her gaze was boring into him, and for a split second the world stopped turning. A thousand thoughts ran through his mind.

"Should I run?"

"Should I dive for cover? Shit. There's absolutely nothing to hide behind."

"...Should I push Katlin behind me? I'll be her shield."

Before he could act or say a word though, the girl spun on her heel and left, scooping up her belongings on the way. But that rifle was still there. That rifle belonged to him. He could still open fire.

No. That wouldn't make sense. Look at the touch they had just shared. He would follow her. He would leave them alone.

He still remained perfectly still, eyes glued to Quincy as he began to move. Ready to spring away at a moment's notice.
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