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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Jason jerked slightly as he heard the sound of the twigs just outside the door snap. He whipped himself to one side without hesitation and took up position to the left of the door behind a small stack of crates. It was a decent position to cover the door but he could easily be ambushed from behind. Jason made the assumption that if anyone was sneaking around they would of taken out Felicia already. Glancing back at Felicia Jason creased his brow in a "what the fuck are you doing?" expression.

The girl was usually a little bit more tomboyish and Jason had never heard Felicia shriek like that before, hell she was usually the one yelling and making the boys cringe. She was always more 'one of the guys' more than anything, although they didn't really hang out in the same circles. None of that mattered now however and Jason after frantically making a wave to tell Felicia to take cover turned his attention back to the door. If anyone outside was hostile they were going to get a nasty surprise. He briefly considered calling out but decided against it. If Felicia didn't make a move soon, she'd be the one having to deal with whoever was out there. He hoped it was Saul and Jojo. The two looked like they couldn't stomach the game and he didn't recall either of the two on the announcements. Still, he had to be careful.

The door began to creak open slowly and Jason slowly pulled the pistol from his waist, his finger now tense on the trigger.

I did close the door behind me didn't I? It's not just swinging open right? Play it smart Harris, you're vulnerable until you find Nath and Maf. God damn it, where are they?

Sickness: Partially suicidal... very slightly because of my report, but mostly because Jason is dead. All of my personal issues stem from the fact that Jason Harris did not win SotF v4

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