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"Thanks. I'm glad you stayed. Don't know how well I'd do on my own."

He was ... he was in! He was on her side one hundred precent. Perfect. She'd have let him do whatever he wanted with her at that point (and Tiffany had the proverbial three guesses as to what that was), except for two things - he didn't feel comfortable with it, at least not one hundred precent, and even if she did, as she looked past Quincy, she noticed other people.

Perfect. It had been one thing after Quincy's first kill, when having other people around would have made things a little awkward, but now, he, and by association she, was a target. Tiffany closed her eyes and shook her head before looking up at Quincy.

"You're welcome. But," Tiffany placed a finger on Quincy's lips. "Whatever it is you're thinking of, it'll have to wait." Tiffany motioned towards the figures that she'd seen. "Come on, this way." Tiffany picked up her things and got out of there.

Is there no justice in this world?

((Tiffany Chanders continued elsewhere ...))
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