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Time to Spare
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Melissa kept silent as Jennifer began speaking, a hand covered over her mouth to stifle the sound of the occasional hiccup as she listened to her friend's words. She made no move to interrupt to argue...just listen as Jennifer had done for her. It was only common courtesy and besides...it's not like Jennifer was really saying anything that needed to be commented on. Jennifer recounted a bit of her time on the beach when someone else...a Phillip, had died in front of her and then went on to say that she couldn't bring herself to kill Phillip's murderer.

It made sense, in a way. It was one thing to say that you were willing to kill and another completely separate thing to actually do the deed. Jennifer simply was unfortunate enough to have the chance to do the latter while she...well, Melissa still had to see if she would actually do it if there was some killer standing in front of her. It was just one of those down to the wire things. Like the climax to some great book or movie...although if Melissa had her way, she'd rather leave the choice off in some sort of horrible cliffhanger.

Jennifer continued speaking, expressing her confusion and fear over everything. Her desire to get home safe, to not be a killer, to see her friends survive...it was all there and Melissa couldn't help but smile at her friend's words even if it was such a morbid topic. It was really what Melissa had expected out of the kind-hearted girl. It was almost saintly, her attitude towards everything, although her remark of when she was going to die stung. It felt too much like setting yourself up for death...if you had already given up, there was no point to going on, was there?

Melissa couldn't help but feel a bit hypocritical about that last thought...after all, she had given up too, hadn't she? Back at Bayview, she had just let herself be guided through her life by her parents, not actually taking charge of her own life and doing what she wanted to do. It was easier to just accept it and move on, but now...when faced with impending death...something like that just rung hollow in Melissa's ears.

She let out a tiny laugh, tracing a finger on the floor and nodding. "Thanks...thanks, Jennifer. We've...both had it pretty rough, huh?" She smiled. "Do you think that...Nietzsche quote that everyone tosses around applies to something like this? That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger? If so, then we must be pretty strong, right?"

"What I don't understand though is..." Melissa trailed off as she decided against her next words. She was going to ask again why people would kill to survive. After, the only true danger on the island were the dangerzones. It's not like anyone was actually forcing them to kill each other. It was simply the fact that someone would snap first and begin the wave of death. Short of commanding the terrorists to kill people or detonating things at random...Danya really had nothing on them. And besides, it's not like Danya would rely on either of those methods. They were boring. They weren't dramatic, they weren't sensational. And considering he was showing it all to the viewing public...why the hell would they want to watch that?

They were already eating up Survival of the Fittest at home so...if enough students had realized that at the start, maybe something crazy like no death happening would have been possible. Now? Probably not so much. And as for killing...well, if you thought about it correctly there...really was no punishment for returning home a murderer, was there? She could recall that the past three winners of the game had returned back to the US to some fanfare and the last one probably became loaded from all the TV deals and interviews he had done.

So really...not only did the winner get to escape the island, but he or she got to land a whole pile of cash in return.

In essence, it was win-win. All it took was to throw away your humanity and kill for the hell of it. A perfect deal from the devil. Fame and riches for your soul.

And definitely not a deal that Melissa wanted to accept. She shook her head and gave Jennifer a weak smile, trying to explain away her sudden silence. "Sorry...was just thinking about something. It's...it was nothing important. I um...wish you wouldn't be so...adamant about your death though. I...I mean it's...a possibility. But anything's possible, right? I mean...Aislyn was probably one of the strongest people on this island and she...well, you heard on the announcements. I guess...really, it all comes down to being in the right place at the right time?"

"So um...at least. At least have a little faith, why don't you? I'm...I want to make it. And you want to make it. But...if you already assume you're dead, doesn't that just compromise your...I guess, spirit?" Melissa said, frowning for a bit. "I...can't think of the right word. But...whatever happens. Whatever happens in this game um...no matter what. I'll stick by you, Jennifer, I promise. You're my friend and um...I will never abandon my friends if I can help it. Trust me. If...if the worst should happen, I'll be with you."

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