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[Writing credit goes to Rugga for this one!]

Mary-Ann could only watch in horror, frozen to the spot as R.J. walked back and then sank down to his knees. He was maybe thirty feet away, but it felt like there were miles between them. Something was wrong with him. He turned back to her and smiled a smile of soft kindness, but there was unmistakable pain in his eyes. Mary-Ann bit her lip as her mind started to work out the awful truth of the situation.

It was a good bye kiss. He knew.

Her eyes brimmed with tears.

She figured it out seconds before he leapt forward and smashed back down, like a rag doll.

The droplets crept down her dirty face as her head made the slight nod that followed the arc of his body.

Everything was quiet. And then suddenly it sounded like she’d swallowed a drum kit.

Mary-Ann ran forward with a total disregard to Kris and her grenade launcher. She threw herself down to him with such urgency she was sure she’d scrapped her knees, but that was of little concern to her.

She dropped her bag and gun down next to him and turned him over, face up.

“R.J.” she whispered shakily through her tears that were twisting her face in distress.

Check for a heart beat. Check for breathing.

She pressed her ear against his chest. He was still so warm. Dead people were cold and hollow. He had to be alive. It would be like last time. He’d sit back up in a minute and she’d yell at him again for scaring her like that again.


She put her hands to his face. She brushed back some of the dark hair off of his face. He was still.

“Please please please,” she mumbled desperately.

Now the tears were coming like a torrent. None of those polite single tears drops running down her cheeks. She was sobbing and hiccupping and swallowing air.

Mary-Ann wrapped her arms around his shoulders and buried her head into his chest just as she had in life. Small muffled whimpers escaped.

“Don’t leave,” she choked out.

She felt so empty now. She didn’t even have anyone to be angry at except R.J. But she couldn’t be angry at him, as much as she would have liked to.

Mary-Ann couldn’t bring herself to let go of him. She couldn’t step back and wipe the tears away because she knew that as soon as she left him, she’d never see him again.

She sat up. She’d gotten his shirt wet with her crying. Her eyes wide and her hands wringing together she looked at him.

It was then she remembered Kris. Mary-Ann looked up at the other girl. It was as if there was just a big question mark spread on her face.
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