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Best Kill came around, got in nice and close. Hey, look, bitch knew how to play the personal space game half decently. It was pretty much a middle school stunt, with all the execution of a cheap stripper, but she was trying, and Kimberly had to give her that. It put her a damn spot ahead of everyone else she'd met. Most people were so unaware of the effects they could produce without saying a word.

That wasn't to imply that she was being quiet. As she spoke, the aftertaste of smoke wafted from her mouth. It made Kimberly regret pitching her cig, which made her hate Rhory just that little bit more. The gun? That was just an afterthought until Rhory rubbed it along the waistline of Kimberly's jeans, along her lower belly. Even through her sweater, the muzzle was cool. Rhory wouldn't shoot her, though, not from this close and not at this angle. There was something else at play here.

And it came clear soon enough, as Rhory jammed the gun into Kimberly's stomach, at same time leaning even closer. Kimberly involuntarily exhaled with the impact, her breath puffing against the other girl's lips, so close she could feel them lightly on her own.

Man, this shit with girls coming onto her was supposed to have ended back on the beach. Seemed her miraculous ability to attract lesbians was unhampered by the blood on her arm and the kill on her conscience, though.

So she sat back down, nice and easy, her face pulling away from Rhory's. Her grappling hook had come off her belt when she was hit, was lying on the ground now, but she didn't feel like asking to pick it back up. It was tied to her. She'd drag it along if she went anywhere.

The knife was in her right boot. There was absolutely no fucking way she could get it out and deal with Rhory before the other girl blew her guts out.

This all had Kimberly pretty steamed, but she wasn't gonna show it. No fucking way.

"Yeah," she said. "I know the drill. Let's chat, then? You have fun at the docks? I left a... friend there."

A quick little reminder. Rhory had to have listened to the announcements. Had to know who Kimberly meant. She felt dirty, referring to Aislyn like that, but she had to remind Rhory of the facts of life.

You aren't the only dangerous person here, Best Kill.
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