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throw that pussy like i'm famous
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This was too fucking wonderful. Rhory’s face stretched with glee as the other girl lazily revealed hers over the log. Little Kimmy Guy-something, runner up for Best Fuck-up of the Day. Just a couple of newly minted murderers. She should have guessed by the Marls. Rhory had bummed a few off her in the parking lot before. Tacky bitch always smoked those godawful things.

She sauntered around Kimmy and her log, grinning at the girl and playfully cracking her neck to the side. The girl’s body followed her. Trying so hard to look bored. It’ll take more than half an eyelid to hide the piss in your pants, she thought as she veered suddenly towards her. She brought her face up. Close enough to kiss. Close enough to tear her lips off with her teeth.

“Mornin’, sunshine.” The stench of nicotine was overpowering on both of them. She brought the barrel of the gun up. She played it across the top of Kimberly’s waistband. “No need to get up just on account of me, sweetie.” She brought the barrel forward, jamming it into the girl’s gut. She kept her eyes locked the whole time. She leaned over the gun, brought her lips in closer. Just skimming the surface of the other set. “Come on, take a load off.”
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North