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Kimberly was still busily living to halfway thirty seconds later, when the noise came from behind her. It was that wonderfully cinematic sound, the sort that could only belong to a large gun being cocked. It was the sort of sound that said someone meant business. It was the sort of sound that said that someone either wanted to talk to her or was too dense to load their gun in advance. Either way, it meant Kimberly could afford to lean laconically backwards, bending her neck over the log to get an upside down view of the person standing behind her.

She nearly froze up at the sight. It wasn't any of the myriad people she'd been expecting. It was Rhory Anne Broderick, in the flesh. A quick calculation: perhaps an hour and a half since the announcement. That meant the gun she was carrying, the shotgun or carbine or whatever the fuck it was, was her reward for killing that guy Kimberly couldn't remember.

It took a lot of self control, but Kimberly kept her cool completely. With a sigh, looking almost bored, she pulled herself upright again, stood, and, only then, turned to face Rhory.

"Hey, Best Kill," she said. "How's it hanging?"

She had plenty more to say, plenty more jabs and barbs and needles, but really, there wasn't much reason for that right now. She hated Rhory. There was no question in her mind about that. Whatever the girl had been back at school, she was now the person who had been to the docks, the person who had been rewarded at the scene of Kimberly's crime. That made her contemptible. Or maybe that was an excuse, and Kimberly just hated everyone now. She didn't really give a fuck.

But they were both here, two girls who, after a week on this island, had become killers at nearly the same time. Kimberly had made a mistake. Rhory had won a reward. And now, Rhory wanted something from her.

Your move, Best Kill. I can't wait to see where this one's going.
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and you may say to yourself, "My god, what have I done?" · The Felled Forest: North